Please ensure you get an automated confirmation email after making a purchase (a transactional email telling clients that purchases have been received and/or processed). If you did not get it, please send an email to our Customer Service so we can investigate.

Please return your item (following our guidance via email) in original condition (including all labels and tags intact) within 7 days from the date your parcel was received, showing on the courier's system.

We do not accept returns if you change your mind about your purchase.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

You should receive the refund amount around 5 - 7 business days since your received a confirmation from us through email.



Contact our Customer Support during the first 24 hours if you need to make any revisions or cancellations.

Orders older than 24 hours have already entered production and cannot be amended or canceled. If you still want to cancel, please be noted that a 30% of the full price will be charged to compensate for the production cost.



You acknowledge that the printed Products may differ from the User Content as seen on-screen, for example, because of how computers display colors. Non-printing-related differences between on-screen User Content and Physical Products should not be considered a defect.

If defects are discovered, such as damage to the delivered Products, mistakes in the number or quantity of the delivered Products, or a lack of quality in the delivered Product that was not caused by a lack of quality in the User Content, you must provide photographic or other documentary evidence of the existence of a defective Product. If we do not receive a complaint from you within 7 days of delivery, we shall not be responsible for any defects.

If we agree, or you can demonstrate, that there is a defect that was not a force majeure, or other circumstances beyond our control, we will, at our option, either provide you with a replacement of the order to the extent necessary to remedy the defect, or offer you a refund for the defective Products.

The remedies provided for above are your sole remedies for any defective Product, and exclude, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any other remedy available to you by law.



Our print partners employ the same printing equipment, paper types, and labor methods to minimize color variances. However, since printing is a chemical process, it is impossible to attain 100% consistency. Factors affect the color, uniformity, and final output, including machine type, machine settings, paper types, humidity in the room, and when the machine was last cleaned, etc. Due to permissible tolerance limits, our quality guarantee does not cover color changes caused by the aforementioned causes.



Please check your email confirmation carefully, and you should take responsibility for this matter, as we allow an order modification within 24 hours. The package will be returned and destroyed if you provide an address that the courier deems inappropriate. You will be responsible for its cost if you want to submit a new order with a revised address.



For orders with failed delivery attempts, packages may be available for pickup at the customer's local post office or carrier pick-up site. Contact your local post office for further information.

Unclaimed shipments may be returned to the sender. All returned products will be destroyed. If you wish to continue receiving the item, you will be liable for the additional shipping costs.



As all of our products are made to order, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds if you change your mind. The package will be destroyed if you choose to return/reject it. If you then change your mind after your rejection, you will be responsible for the new costs for a new item.

We are not responsible for losing any package using PO Box or delivery to front door Mailboxes.



We are unable to give a refund if the item is delayed due to recurring events such as earthquakes, tornadoes, pandemics, etc. Please be patient as the delivery time may be somewhat extended (3 - 4 weeks). We will offer a full refund if you have not received the products after 45 days.